Monday, June 21, 2010

Kansas City Farmers Market @ City Market

This post is long overdue!

My friends think I'm crazy but I love my early Saturday mornings, especially between the months of April and November. Most Saturdays I head downtown to the Lawrence Farmers Market, but once a month I wake up extra early to hit up the LFM and the Kansas City Farmers Market at City Market!

On my last visit (May 8th I think), a handful of farmers brought morels!

This was the first time I had ever seen fresh morels! Morels are only in season 2-4 weeks a year, thus making them extremely expensive. These morels were $15/pint, $25 for small plastic bag and $50 for a freezer bag. I have been told that there is a public park in Lawrence where morels grow, so I will be on the hunt next season!

I wish I had more patio space for plants!

The Spice Man is one of the main reasons why I make the trek to City Market. He has the largest selection of spices and he only charges $1 per (heaping) scoop!

Beautiful view of downtown KC!
The Jerusalem Cafe is right behind the Spice Man! Huge selection of nuts, dried fruits, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern specialties.

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