Saturday, September 11, 2010

SweetChip Cookies

I've been meaning to blog about my friend Kristin for some time now, but it seems that has beat me to the punch! SweetChip Cookies was recently featured in Urban Daddy's weekly newsletter in celebration of International Chocolate Day (Monday, September 13th)

Everyone has his or her own idea of a perfect chocolate chip cookie, either thin and crispy or soft and chewy. I am more of a thin and crispy girl, so when Kristin from SweetChip cookies announced that she had constructed the perfect chocolate chip cookie I was excited to try her new creation. Oh my sweet Ina Garten were they good! SweetChip's signature Dark Chocolate Chip and Toasted Pecans pleases everyone's idea of a perfect chocolate chip cookie. It has the right combination of crunch and chewiness, not to mention the saltiness from the pecans and bitter dark chocolate tempts you to have another. Not only does SweetChip bake their cookies to order, they ship within 24 hours of receiving an order. Sweet Chip also allows you to customize each batch if one so chooses. One of the most unique custom cookies ordered was chocolate with cayenne and orange zest.

Earlier this week I was lucky to receive an entire box off heavenly goodness for my birthday!

While I was tempted to keep the entire box for myself I decided to share with my coworkers. Knowing that I have a weakness for the chocolate/peanut butter combination, Kristin surprised me with dark chocolate cookies with peanut butter and pecans. SweetChip sends each cookie individually wrapped, making it perfect for gift giving or sharing with friends

So in honor of International Chocolate Day, order a batch of SweetChip's signature Dark Chocolate Chips with Toasted Pecans or create your own cookie with their plethora of mix-ins.

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