Monday, August 15, 2011

Restaurant Review Beignets!

The past 2 weeks have been crazy! August is my busiest month at work so I'm lucky if I am home before 8. I was able to sneak out of Lawrence this weekend to spend time with a few friends in KC and checked out a new restaurant in the Crossroads.

Nica's 320 boasts itself as southern fusion with menu items like build your own mac & cheese and omelets as big as your face served on focaccia. They also have beignets! While I know all about the beignet, this was my first time trying one! The beignets arrived just how I imagined, stacked high covered in powdered sugar, and when I say covered, I mean covered! There was a mountain of powdered sugar!

We ordered the original, but they also feature filled signets like chocolate truffle and brie & berry! They were crunchy, chewy, messy and delicious! I ordered the Caramel Pecan Praline pancakes and OMG they were good. Nica's pancakes are cornbread pancakes and mine were topped with a caramel pecan praline sauce. It tasted like salted caramels! I sure had a sweet tooth that morning, I felt like I had desert for breakfast!

Sarah is finally finished with her boards! More social time and less studying! Huzzah!

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