Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend pt 1

I spent the weekend in Hutch, celebrating a friend's birthday and kicking off my birthday week with the family. The weekend started off with my friend's birthday party in which I supplied the cupcakes. I will say that her dad's pulled pork was the favorite in my book! 
Cupcakes for Marla's party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLA!!!
Since I was sooooo good last week I decided to fall off the wagon! I had lunch with Seth, Kristin and her mom Shelly at Roy's Hickory Pit BBQ. I have not been to Roy's in probably 10 years. (OMG I can't believe I'm old enough to say something like that!)
 When I was little, I remember going with my dad and while I didn't remember the food, I remembered the smell. Oh yes, the smell of barbeque, its the kind of smell that sticks with you. This smell of hickory lingers with you, and  when you are out in public, people know where you've been! The line was already at the door when we arrived, so we hopped in it.  Roy's is a simple BBQ joint, but they mean business, they have 3, maybe 4 employees. They have all the usual suspects, ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and sausage They do go conservative on the sides, with each meal you get beans and their "salad" bar which has an assortment of pickled items and slaw. 

Since I couldn't decide, I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with hot sausage. 

 Their sauce is smoky with a little spice and it is one of my favorites! Oh yeah, did I mention that your meat is cut to order and all 3 employees are in the same room as you? I {almost} love that I can see them prepare my meal! I say almost because as I waited in line, I watched them toast the bread and lets just say they don't skimp on the butter.....

Whoa, back to reality, sorry I was drooling over that photo! 

Part 2 will follow with Nancy's Chicken Fried Steak!!

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