Thursday, February 25, 2010


Let me start off by thanking my wonderful friends Marybeth and Jon Paul Uritis for showing me around Philly! I had such an amazing time I hope to visit again soon!

(Jon, Marybeth and myself out on my last night in town).

For my last night in Philly we decided to go to one of Stephen Starr's restaurants, Buddakan. Buddakan is an Asian inspired restaurant with an eleven foot gold Buddha in the middle of the dining room.
The dim lighting and top notch table service was the icing on the cake to an amazing meal.
*These photos were taken with Marybeth's iPhone, so they are a little dark!*

First Course:
Edamame Ravioli
Steamed Chicken Dumplings
Lobster Fried Rice

Pictured above is Buddakan's Edamame Ravioli. This is quite possibly the best thing I ever ate. These raviolis are filled with a puree of edamame, cream and truffle oil. The raviolis are covered in a light shallot Sauternes sauce and garnished with whole edamame and green onions. I am determined to recreate this recipe!

While I was blown away by the ravioli, I was not very impressed with the Chicken Dumplings, I felt that my recipe for pork dumplings have a more flavor and texture. We also had Lobster Fried Rice and it was a great addition to the ravioli.

Second Course:
Asian Barbecue Pork Tenderloin with chinese broccoli and giant panko crusted onion rings

The pork was very tender and was laying atop a bed of Chinese broccoli and was covered in a sweet and tangy sauce. The panko fried onion rings could have been omitted, they were served in a bowl on the side.

Marybeth had the Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass which had sauteed haricots verts, butternut squash, maitake mushrooms and a sake truffle jus (Pictured Below)

Jon Paul had the Grilled Lamb Chops with chinese eggplant in a garlic sauce with thai basil pesto. The lamb was my second favorite dish of the evening! (Pictured Below)

Third Course: Trio of Sorbet

From left to right: Passion Fruit, Dark Chocolate & Raspberry
Both fruit sorbets sat atop a mixed berry salsa of sorts and the chocolate on top of cocoa nib.

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