Friday, February 19, 2010

Philadelphia Adventures Continued

National Mechanics

I have been drinking Bloody Mary's for some time now, so I feel that I am somewhat of an expert. Hands down the best Bloody Mary is at Louise's West in Lawrence Kansas. While I know it will be hard to top the Louise's West Bloody Mary, I am always open to trying others. With that being said, I came across a bloody Mary that was so bad I had to send it back!

While I was disappointed with the drink, the food and atmosphere made up for it. National Mechanics is a restaurant and bar located in Old City where neighbors gather weekly to play Quizzo. They also infuse their own liqueurs. Black Pepper Vodka, Jalapeno Tequila and Bacon Vodka were just a few displayed in large class jugs behind the bar. I was excited to try the bacon vodka in a Bloody Mary but with the combination of clamato juice I found it repulsive. The bacon infused vodka sounded promising but was executed poorly.

Our team did very well in Quizzo except for the random 5th team member who continually tried to sabotage our team with her stupidity. The Erin Isles in Ireland are not a county, they are islands! And last time I checked "The King and I" was set in Siam NOT Vietnam!

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